What's the League of Dogs Vision?


Our Activities:


1.   Rallies and CAN-paigns

2.   Humane education of what it means to adopt a dog

3.   Community speaking

4.   Educational seminars

5.   Outreach programs and tabling

6.   Legislation and media contact

7. We PREP Your Pets for their Birthday


Issues We Tackle


1.   Euthanizing dogs and cats in shelters around the US

2.   Factory farming – Animals raised for food

3.   Animals in entertainment - Zoos, circuses, rodeos, dog/horse races, bullfighting, aquaria or movies

4.   Animals for “sport” or “fashion” (hunting, fishing, and trapping)

5.   Vivisection – Animal experimentation

6.   Companion animals, wildlife and marine mammals

7.   Healthy diet and planet


What You CAN Do


1.   Purchase cruelty-free products and clothing

2.   Adopt a vegetarian/vegan diet

3.   Volunteer your time at shelters and join other animal rights groups and activists

4.   Educate yourself on the issues and industries adversely impacting and exploiting nearly every species on this planet

5.   Attend-local animal-related events

6.   Write letters to legislators, the media, legal representatives, offending corporations and other establishments on behalf of the animals

7.   Help spread the word to friends, family, neighbors, schools and businesses in your community

8. Contact us at (949) 427-1128 or email at www.rowanpics493@gmail.com for volunteer opportunities, donations, committees involvement, local events, current animal issues, free literature available for distribution and other information