Q: How many Dogs are in a shelter each year? How many of those get euthanized?


A: 6-8 million dogs are placed in a shelter each year. 3-4 million are killed. 

Q: How long are animals held at an animal shelter before being adopted or euthanized? What factors affect those decisions?





A: Most animal shelters have no set time limit for holding an animal. In the vast majority of shelters, decisions about adoption and euthanasia are based on factors that include the temperament and health of the animal, and the space and resources available to humanely house and properly care for the animal.

Q: I want to help but I am unable to adopt a dog and have no need for a collar. What can i do?


A: We also take donations! All donations go towards Prepping another dog! 

Q: When I donate, how does my money directly benefit saving a dog?


A: All money donated, goes directly to funding the production of the PREP YOUR PET KIT. We also donate money to animal shelters to finding each dog a loving family to be adopted to. 

Q: how many dogs are                                                                     A: according to ready.gov less
prepped for a disaster                                                                      then 4 percent of the nation


Q: How can I contact someone from League of Dogs about any further questions?


A: Go to our  contact page for several different ways you can get a hold of us!