Founder: The League of Dogs


Sept. 2015 while in 5th grade. Rowan suddenly felt a distinct pain on his ear (syn·aes·the·sia (sĭn′ĭs-thē′zhə) but, it was actually Sam his dog. The image of his dog Sam’s face appeared in his mind and he felt dizzy like he was losing blood. Later, Rowan found out that at that very moment Sam a Beagle Chihuahua mix was experiencing a painful wound to his ears from trying to retrieve a tennis ball lodged in a rose bush cutting his ears.

His bleeding ears wouldn’t stop until he received medical attention.

Sam has since recovered and is doing fine!


I'm a 15 year old Freshman from Southern California.

I feel duty bond to help animals because of my love for dogs (especially my own dog Sammy). After a bit of research, I felt inspired to start, The League of Dogs.  

We manage a small team of volunteers since day one to make sure dogs have a FEMA style ID and prepped for most emergencies!

Our website updates & Kick Starter fundraising campaign will take shape soon.

From 2012 - 2018 I have been committed to put together PREP Your PET KITS for our furry friends.

Resume:  Rowan B.  
(949) 427-1128

1. Began career in rescuing dogs 1-25-2011
2. Helped Rescue 3-2-15, Emmett, my dog Sam 6/?/12, Radar, Parker on and on...
3. PREP Your PET

Special Experiences and Skills:  Excellent Reader, Good Communicator, National Traveler,


9-1-17 Costa Rica Animal Reserve

8-1-16: Went to South Africa Zulu Nyala Reserve

7-24-15: Animal PREP Speech to Costa Mesa Fire Dept.
8-31-15: Animal PREP Radio Show Interview
8-8-13:   White Water Rafting, Motocross, Everglades,  Zip lining in NC,
3-10-13:  Horseback riding,
12-28-13:Snowboarding Colorado,
6-01-12:Montana Horse Back trip

(Additional information furnished upon request)

I kind of sense what the feeling is like to be a dog who is going to be euthanized. I don’t like that one bit! That’s why I’m asking you to help me make a stand, so dogs and cats can have a second chance.
Lets give them a job being PREPPED for any and all Emergencies and give them a another B-Day.
— Rowan

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